Safety on Planes?

How safe do you feel on a plane?  If you really took a step back and thought about it, planes are a really scary thing!  They fly tens of thousands of feet above the ground and are moving at very fast speeds.  When you think about it, our lives could actually be at danger!  Well consider these things when analyzing which airline company you wish to fly with! When people think of which plane they are going to fly with, a lot of them really look into the track record of the plane.  A study done by Tim Becker, which surveys four different airline passenger groups: National Business Travel Association (NBTA), non-airline marketers, arriving passengers in three different airports, and upper level college students attending two different universities.  Here are their answers on when they feel safe on a plane.

Airline stats

Here It is clear to see that the top answer was when the government provides safety information about flights.  A surprising statistic I found interesting and I am sure you guys will find intriguing is that when, “When airlines promote their safety records,” is not the top choice.  To me that would be the main factor in whether I feel safe on a plane, or feel safe flying with a certain airline company.


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