The Financial Side of Safety!

Have you ever wondered about airline companies that seem to just have “fell off.”  A big problem that stands with airline companies is whether they are deemed safe and flyable, or if they appear to have a bad track record.  Many people try, if possible, to fly with an airline company that they feel comfortable and safe on, and this safe feeling on planes, has appeared to be profitable and it bolsters the business.

Airline companies can pretty much guarantee a successful business if they have been known to have zero issues with their planes.  Consumers will want to fly with these companies more and more.  There has been a lot of talk to whether planes are safe after catastrophic events.  Can we really tell if that stands true or not?  One example of this is when Airbus had an issue with the wing of their plane, CNet reported this issue stating that the plane may be unsafe, never stating that it actually is unsafe.

Here is a table that provides information as to why consumers will avoid certain airline companies:

airline chart

A lot of those reasons that people will choose not to fly with the certain airline companies is because of safety issues and financial problems.  That is what we are dealing with, not wanting to fly with an airline company, because of the past safety issues or certain airline companies that have financial problems, that could have been the result of past safety issues. In other words, if a plane is having financial problems it could potentially be from previous safety violations etc.  In a sense it is like a cycle, that just keeps going on.


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