A Wrap-Up and Possible Solutions

Now that the three main ideas behind air travel are covered, we need to discuss possible solutions that could potentially promote consumer air travel.  We have already discussed the topic of arming a pilot, but we will reinforce that point.  That in order to increase consumers to travel with certain air line companies, they will have to arm their pilots for people to feel safer on the planes.  Another way that airline companies can increase productivity by increasing demand is to fix their planes.  If an airline company is constantly being slammed for having malfunctions in the planes, no one will want to fly with that company, because they may feel unsafe or that the plane is not worth what they are paying to fly.

Another way for airline companies to increase revenues and profits is through maintaining a good safety record.  Like I talked about in an earlier blog post, companies could face financial difficulties based on the press release that is publicized.  If bad things are reported about planes, people will ignore those companies, and tend to fly with the better, safer planes.

I hope you find the information regarding public perception of safety on planes, and terrorism interesting and feel free to comment on this blog and stay in touch!

Safe Travels!



image via google.com


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