Terroristic Activity

So what are we going to do against these problems that are causing airline companies to go out of business?  Well one solution against terrorism could be to arm the pilots in the cockpit.  When a pilot is armed security is drastically increased, provided the pilot knows how to use a gun, because that might not end well if they don’t know how. . . In all seriousness, a gun can severely change the tides in chance that an act of terror arises.  Even the simple knowledge of knowing a pilot was armed would stop terrorists from attempting to hijack a plane.

An event that shows a drastic change in the airline industry was 9/11.  If 9/11 could have been avoided, then airline’s could have prevented a major blow to their businesses.  After 9/11, the government implemented many changes that served to benefit the airline industry and increase security measures.  Although consumers like the safety measures that were put in place, the extra time that was spent in the airports was increased and that was not something they enjoyed.  Specifically the baggage screenings that were implemented caused a 6 percent reduction in passenger volume.  The only explanation for this is that consumers may have felt violated, and some may have seen it as a waste of time and that they did not want to go through with these screenings.

After 9/11 the airline industry changed for good.  It took a longer time than expected to recover from the economic blow that the industry faced in 2001. This chart provided by the International Air Transport Association displays the results of 9/11 and how it impacted the economy for airlines:

airline profits


It is clear to see that after 2001, and even into 2001, since 9/11 happened during the year revenues were most likely not stated until December 31, that net profit, revenue, passenger numbers, and passenger growth all fell.  They all fell drastically due to the terrible events that took place on 9/11.  The industry was then not able to fully recover until after 2005, and even in some cases, in terms of revenue, not until after 2006 most likely.  Those are crazy numbers, that if 9/11 could have been avoided the economy would not be forced to deal with.

image via iata.org


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